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Terms and conditions.

Jill-i-cious Cakes is a Fully licensed Kitchen under the Toowoomba regional council. 

Jill Facer is the onsite food safety officer. 


Contingency plan


Postponed Events can be rescheduled . This would of course be at no extra cost. If the date is already fully booked. Jill will refer you onto another cake artist and refund payments made.


You may have noticed Jill runs a home based business. Therefore if she or any other family members were to fall ill, the business would need to quarantine. This would unfortunately devastate Jill, she has already put a lot of time and thought into your cake. (yes even before its baked) So please know it would be with a very heavy heart she would be upset to do this to anyone. But in this instance Jill-i-cious cakes will fully refund any payments already made. If possible she will forward all of the criteria for someone else to complete your dream cake. Her list of recommended cake artists have been carefully selected, so please don't be concerned about the cake. We are all in the same uncertain frame of mind, so they are on board to help. 

Please bare in mind that we have different overheads and some cakes may differ in price, flavour and size. 

If your event is going to be cancelled completely and you no longer need a cake.

The 20% deposit will not be refunded.

If the event is cancelled in the short time period of less then 7 days. 50% of the full price will not be refunded. 


Thank you

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